Sunday, June 19, 2011


May 14th or something:


shiz im so random

Soooo.. I haven't posted in quite a while. That's because I was having my exams and I JUST GOT THEM WITH THEM AAAAAAAAAHAHAHAH YALLZ STILL GOT EXAMS GOING ON RIGHT? SUCKERZZZZZZZZZZZZ!
*edit 6/19... I wrote that a million years ago so please just ignore that :c*

Continue May 14th:

But i sincerely hope you guys do great on yours! :D

OTHER THAN THAT, I am busy searching for other Universities. I just want to move out of Texas, probably to Georgia or New York to some badass Med School. I'm even open to international Universities, like Ross University in the Caribbeans. So I'm really just randomly browsing for the ones with the highest research and primary care rankings along with having housing within the campus and badass party sceneeeeezzzzz. Well I practically have 1 more semester to look for Universities so no pressurez. (yeah I know, by now you all must be like 'cool story, bro. :l ' but whatevezzzzz. I'm tired right now and writing whatever comes to my mind.

HAHAHAH IT WAS PRETTY GOOD! Did a tiki theme thing in my backyard and invited all my friends over for a badass BBQ!

oh shit WAIT UP! While writing all this, I have an incident to report. It's VERY embarrassing, but whatever. So there I was, boating with my family at Lake Conroe and the waves were higher than usual. Infact, The water was actually coming into our boat at times when we went too fast. Me and my family were in the boat while one of my brothers was out on the Jet Ski. The waves were higher than usual and because I have motion sickness, I preferred to ride the Jet Ski instead. I got onto it with my brother and we were off, at about 80 kmph cutting through teh waves when.... one BIG wave came our way. It's not like we didn't see it coming, we saw it. We thought we could take it. I have no idea why but we turned in the direction of the wave and BAM. the wave hit us, and we were toppled over. It was one of the worst experiences I've ever had on sea. The waves wouldn't let me come back to the surface, the Jet Ski was nowhere to be found, And I was LITERALLY drowning. My family saw us from afar, and they sped towards us. I could see the boat through the awves and I put my hand up through teh surface to signal them so they dont run over me or something. They got really close to me but couldn't come close enough to pick me up due to the high waves and wind and at that point, I SERIOUSLY felt I was dead. I couldn't fight the waves anymore, and I knew for a fact I was gone. My brother somehow found the jet ski, hung on to it and let out his hand to get me but I was gone faaaaaar away by this time but LUCKILY THE LIFEGUARD SAVED ME! (and hence I am writing this post after 3 weeks lewl)

This has never happened to me before. I was dead tired and asked the lifeguards to drop me back on land and I just went and laid down for a while. THIS TIME, I WILL LEARN HOW TO SWIM ON THE REALZ AND GO BACK JET SKIING.

Here are some pictures :

*end may 14th*


aaaaaaaah it's been a long time i've been here AND THERE'S BEEN ALOT OF CHANGE!!!

well, first of all, I finally got a haircut! and secondly I FINALLY.. well i did on june 6th.. RECEIVED THE BEAST I WAS WAITING FOR! MY NEW COMPUTER!

ladies and gentlemen.. Please put your hands together foooorrrrrr

TERMINATOR!! (that's what I like to call it :D)

I got a deal on this Dell. and the day I got it, I swapped out the graphics card and the power supply and added another hdd. Result? I can finally play ANY GAME I WANT ON FULL SETTINGS HELLLLLLLLZZZZZZZ YEAAAAAAAAAAH GAMER4EVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

considering I'm upgrading my computer after an eternity, this is quite big. I got everything maxed out in the market right now and I was so excited that I EVEN DREAMT ABOUT IT HAHAHAHAHA.

well here it is:

New Power Supply:

Packed! the new graphic card, psu, and the monitor which is now under my bed:



Unfortunately, my happiness was short lived. Here's terminador after 5 days:

y3ah. Apparently, the harddisk died but a very kewl and friendly dell technician came over and swapped it out. DELL CUSTOMER SERVICE FTWWW. HAPPY GAM3R MEEEE

WELL anyways.. I've noticed how I always write weird stuff about myself in this blog. Honestly, this is like a personal diary I never maintained. oh well goiz.. DEAL WITH IT LULZ.

In other news, my car's antenna broke. yeah. BUT THE GOOD THING IS.. I CAN STILL LISTEN TO RADIO! :D buuuuuut the antenna broke and now I can't run my wipers cause I secured the antenna in one of the wipers LOL!

the culprit? CAR WASH!

lulz :c

TODAY was Father's day and also my dad's birthday!! it was actually pretty amazing; My dad looked so excited and happy it's not even funny. He was laughing hysterically, dancing and singing (yes, he loves to dance and sing because hes adorable like that) and playing carromboard and winning LYK A BAUUSS that he IS! THE FOOD WAS AMAZING HARE R PIX:

Appetizer:  Shrimp Bruschetta

Keemay bharay Karelay 

Potato and Keema filled kabobs

amazing Mutton Chops

Aloo Keema and Aloo ki bhujiya (?) something

Barbecue, Green chilies, tomato garlic 


Pineapple Chicken

Chicken Malai

yeeeeeeeeeeeh. stomach iz happy.


aaaaaand I can't wait for school to start. I wanna socialize more and make moar franz. These days, I'm going to work 5 days a week. 5 DAYS A WEEEKKK!! It's scary. but oh well. This time, IM DA BAUSS so I leave early or whenever I want to so daz kewl.

It's 2:45 am so I'm gonna quit! YOU ALL TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON IN YOUR LIVES!! I HAVEN'T been reading blogs at all!